Our Vision and Mission



 “To be an ever growing fraternal singing organization that is ageless, colorless and dedicated to the average singer having fun creating and preserving extraordinary music in the barbershop style. A Brotherhood known in their community for making a difference singing.  

Mission: Making Life Better Singing Barbershop Music

  1.  “Promote fellowship and friendship among men of good character”
  2. “Perpetuate, celebrate and preserve harmony in the barbershop style”
  3. “Provide the opportunity to experience the joy of 4-part Barbershop singing”.
  4.  “Sustains music in the lives of people in our community”
  5.  “Service to others through our Music” 

Our Belief

 The meaning of life is to find your gift, the purpose of life is to give it away…..  

Our gift?  

4 Part Harmony…Singing Barbershop Harmony!

 Focus on the gifts we bring and seek ways to capitalize on them.  The focus on gifts confronts our members with our essential core, that which has the potential to make a difference and do Good.    Our life’s work is to bring our gifts to the world. 


"Average Singers Making Life Better Singing Barbershop Harmony!"