Our All Male Retiree Daytime A Capella Chorus

Hooray for the Old Songs!

The daytime chorus of the Harmony Katz,musical family is comprised of  men who yearn to sing more of the traditional Barbershop music. The group was formed due to a couple of specific needs.  The first need was for the many assisted living homes and daytime luncheons that are looking for old time quality entertainment and the second need was from some of our members who preferred not to be out late at night rehearsing but still wanted to ring chords and get together.  Thus the Silver Katz were born.

“Make Life Better Singing Barbershop Music”

1. “Promote fellowship and friendship among people of good character”

2. “Perpetuate, celebrate and preserve harmony in the barbershop style”

3. “Provide the opportunity to experience the joy of 4-part Barbershop singing”.

4. “Sustains music in the lives of people in our community”

5. “Service to others through our Music”

We aspire “to be an ever growing singing organization that is ageless, colorless and dedicated to the average singer having fun creating and preserving extraordinary music in the barbershop style, an organization that is known in our community for making a difference singing.”  A Musical Family in which everyone is encouraged on their own personal musical journey to be the best they can be. A Place where average individual voices collectively make above average music that is special and rewarding for both listener and singer.

The Silver Katz meet on Wednesday mornings from 10 am to noon at St. Mary's school 401 North Main Street Minoa.  

Meet Our Director, George Schwerdt

George is a lifetime barbershopper hailing from the Great Garden State of New Jersey.  George is also an avid quartet man, currently singing Tenor in the Salt City Harmony Quartet (a local favorite) George brings a fun loving approach to teaching the old songs  or Barbershop Chestnuts as he calls them.