Everybody Wants to be a Kat, but how do you do it?


​Steps to Becoming a Card Carrying Member of the Harmony Katz

 Step 1) Vocal Placement: This should occur the first time you visit, if by chance it doesn’t please request a vocal placement from the Director (Pete Carentz) or Assistant Director (Joe Browne).  The Vocal Placement merely ensures that you’re singing a voice part (Tenor, Lead, Bari, Bass) which is within the comfort range of your voice. 

Step 2) Have Fun: Hopefully this occurs each time you’re with the Harmony Katz.  There is no pressure for singing all of our songs perfectly (especially as you’re just getting started).  Simply place yourself within other members of your assigned voice part, listen and sing along.  While we strive to sing at a very high level most of our members are average singers who through Focus, Practice and Teamwork create a Big, Beautiful and Pleasing Sound.

Step 3) The Vocal Audition: This painless audition is given to each applicant to understand your current level of singing.  Everyone is at different singing levels.  It’s part of our continuing journey of vocal improvement.  The Vocal Assessment helps the music team understand your current status and allows them to offer the correct coaching that you may need.  Our goal is to be a constantly improving Singing Organization that delights audiences with Bringing Memories to life through our Music, while doing good in our community.

Step 4) The Magical 3 Visits: After you’ve visited us a minimum of Three (3) times you can (if you so desire) fill out the attached membership application in this packet. Once completed simply give the form to the Director or Assistant Director.

Step 5) Membership: Your membership is processed at the Society’s National Headquarters in Nashville, TN and usually takes about Four (4) weeks to process.  Once processed your Membership packet is mailed to the Harmony Katz Secretary and presented to you during our Business Meeting. (Congratulations, you’re now a Card Carrying Member of the Harmony Katz and the Barbershop Harmony Society)

Step 6) Getting your just due: Once becoming a member you will be allowed to keep your Guest Book with all our printed music (and be given a Member cover for the front).  Receive a membership badge.  Order your Performing Uniform (speak with Ken Reger Uniform Chairman; the uniform consists of Black pants, Blue logoed golf shirt and a black long sleeved dress shirt), Receive learning tracks of our repertoire which will help you get up to speed quickly. 

Steps to Becoming a Performing Member

 Step 1) Learn your music: Using the learning tracks supplied to you rehearse at home singing along with your voice part.  Learning tracks enable members to easily learn their parts.

Step 2) Sing as part of an ensemble:  Sing within your section, the correct notes, words and target vowels. 

Step 3) Communicate the message/meaning of the song: with your voice and face (vocally and visually)

Step 4) Perform with the Harmony Katz: You’re invited to sing with the Harmony Katz at any of our performances.  The key to becoming a performing member is to perform at your current level without disrupting the entire group.  This requires you to listen more and sing softly, melding your voice into the voices of groups.