Syracuse's Own Barbershop Chorus

 Our chorus was founded in 1996 and is comprised of over seventy men from all walks of life who love to sing and through their singing give back to their community. If you visit us at a practice, you will find that we are men of good character who enjoy life, have fun,and when you get to know us better you might think we really are characters! The Harmony Katz believe that singing enriches our lives, that of our families and the community we reside in. Harmony Katz is a fraternal organization, a brotherhood of barbershoppers joined together in four-part harmony.  Since our humble beginnings we have grown to include a Sister Chorus, The Katz Meow, a daytime chorus , The Silver Katz and most recently a mixed voice chorus comprised of both male and female voices, The Acousti-Katz. Thus creating a musical family of Katz, people who love to sing, sing in the A Capella style known as Barbershop. Making chords ring and through our singing doing good in our communities here in Central New York.  

We Believe the meaning of life is to find your gift and the purpose of life is to give it away!

Our gift is singing and through our singing we strive to make life better for both the listener and the singer while at the same time helping those in our community through our performances.  Our Service project is to help Feed the Hungry here in our community by raising awareness and funds for the Food Bank of CNY and the many Food Pantries that serve the needs of our neighbors.  We close every rehearsal with our motivating call to arms song, 

"We Sing To Feed Them All", which sums up our purpose and mission.  The lyrics are:  

"We sing to feed them all, the family in need.

We sing to answer every prayer a mother cannot heed.

We sing to touch the noble heart and raise the siren's call.

We sing to feed each hungry child.

We sing to feed them all."


And the Harmony Katz want to help you by offering:




Now Holding Auditions for Our New Beatles Show!

Sing for the Health of it!


The benefits of singing are numerous but when added to singing with new friends (KATZ) It's priceless!

Now Learning Beatles Songs


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2 Free Voice Lessons


That's right! Come audition and you'll receive two (2) free voice lessons.  One group lesson and one half hour private lesson.

The Harmony Katz Musical Family of Choruses


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